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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Ajax-enabled user interfaces

There have been lots of people writing about ajax recently, and more importantly about ajax accessibility. Keeping it simple, I want to focus on what happens when a user has javascript off, or the browser doesn’t support the XMLHttpRequest object. Now this may seem obvious, but your interface should work without javascript enabled. Maybe it […]

Behold! A design!

Woohoo! No default wordpress template to find here any more. I finally got around to creating a design for this web-log. If you find any dodgy looking areas, please let me know via the comments. I am sure I will be tweaking it, website designs are never finished! By the way, the header is derived […]

A couple of (small) issues with WordPress

Having been using wordpress for a little while now, a couple of things bug me. Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing tool, and does its job well, but, as always with any software product, there are a couple of little niggly things. Maybe its possible to do some of the things I mention […]


I recently found some useful software that automatically stitches together multiple images to create panoramics. Other panoramic software requires you to manually identify which picture goes where, but Autostitch does it all automatically. You give it all the images, and it works out what image goes where, adjusting each one so they blend together. It […]

Keeping a session alive

One of the problems we found with people using our content management system was that, frequently, they would take very long editing a page, causing the session to time out, thereby losing their changes. We could have written code to catch the timout session, and somehow not lose their changes, but we decided on a […]