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Google and search ranking

I’ve recently finished a new site for a client, and in the process of developing, I uploaded a test site to a web server for the client to review. Since going live with the actual site, I left the test site up and running (in the assumption that its less effort to leave it up […]

Jobs @ Dwakn

We are looking to hire a software developer. More details on our website. If you feel qualified, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I will let our website) provide the details…

Lack of updates

Yes, I am still around 🙂 We are currently working on a big project for the US market, and are having to put in some substantial overtime. Hopefully this won’t go on for too much longer, but you never know… I should be updating this site more often, but I seem to be just too […]

Ajax-enabled user interfaces

There have been lots of people writing about ajax recently, and more importantly about ajax accessibility. Keeping it simple, I want to focus on what happens when a user has javascript off, or the browser doesn’t support the XMLHttpRequest object. Now this may seem obvious, but your interface should work without javascript enabled. Maybe it […]