Gareth Lennox

Learning Zend Framework

So, I’m playing with Zend Framework. My initial impressions are that it seems very cool. The database stuff especially. One thing, and this is not limited to the Zend Framework, is that it’s such a big system, there is a lot of stuff to get your head around, so documentation is critical. Unfortunately, the documentation is written on a per-component basis, so it gives you next to no useful information on commonly encountered problems.

There is a quick start, but it ignores common issues, such as: How do you create a link to another controller (i.e. another part of the system)?

Now, I just spent 30 minutes trying to find this out. The official documentation is silent on this basic task. After searching all over the place, I finally found this site, that tells you to use “the url helper”. There is nothing (or at least as far as I can see) about this url helper in the documentation.

Shouldn’t the documentation cover this sort of thing? Or at least a FAQ somewhere? (there is one on the wiki, here, but its about frequently encountered problems, not questions, and does not cover the above issue).

Maybe there is something I’m talking about, but if it does exist, its not easy to find on google!

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