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Google and search ranking

I’ve recently finished a new site for a client, and in the process of developing, I uploaded a test site to a web server for the client to review. Since going live with the actual site, I left the test site up and running (in the assumption that its less effort to leave it up […]

The Future of Web Apps summit

You want to know what all the big guys are doing out there in the “web 2.0” world? Have a listen to the mp3s of the “Future of Web Apps” summit. There are guys from, Flickr, 37Signals, Google, Yahoo and others speaking. I have yet to listen to all of them, but the ones […]

Editing magic

TinyMCE rocks! I have been integrating it into our content management system, and I must say its impressive. Its very easy to use, and Just Works™, unlike some other web rich text editors out there. I managed to build a custom link screen in a couple of hours, with very little javascript. Another bonus is […]

No more ads in Opera

I just saw now on The Register that the opera web browser has had its built in ads removed, and is now fully free. Sounds like a good move to encourage usage of the browser. I have shied away from it in the past because of the ads, maybe now is a good time to […]