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Using Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts is a great resource for custom web fonts. It is free and has a huge library of fonts (508 different fonts at time of writing). A lot of people are saying that while the library is large, the quality of most of the fonts is not that great. While this is true, […]

A new home for my blog

This site has now moved to it’s own domain (, rather than sitting in a subdirectory under another domain. I managed to move it in the space of a couple of hours, without too many hassles. The main problem was that wordpress doesn’t like to have it’s main url changed from underneath it, so I […]

WordPress 2

This blog is now running under wordpress 2. Its looks very spiffy, but I still need to explore all the changes. Once thing I noticed is that you can add categories while you are editing a post (I mentioned it here a while ago. I have turned off the WYSIWYG editor for the moment, because […]