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Yearly Archives: 2005

Web based feed-readers

Since I discovered rss feeds, I have tried many feed readers, but all the applications didn’t work for me, I needed a web-based reader. Why? I need to be able to access it from multiple computers, making it difficult to sync read/unread items. A web app solves this by being accessible from anywhere. I ended […]

No more ads in Opera

I just saw now on The Register that the opera web browser has had its built in ads removed, and is now fully free. Sounds like a good move to encourage usage of the browser. I have shied away from it in the past because of the ads, maybe now is a good time to […]

Lack of updates

Yes, I am still around 🙂 We are currently working on a big project for the US market, and are having to put in some substantial overtime. Hopefully this won’t go on for too much longer, but you never know… I should be updating this site more often, but I seem to be just too […]

Learning [insert language here]

I was just reading a post over on whitespace, and it got me thinking about learning any computer language. It is not enough to read a book and do some examples from the book – you actually need to write something substantial in the language. Granted, it will probably suck, since you would have built […]

Ajax-enabled user interfaces

There have been lots of people writing about ajax recently, and more importantly about ajax accessibility. Keeping it simple, I want to focus on what happens when a user has javascript off, or the browser doesn’t support the XMLHttpRequest object. Now this may seem obvious, but your interface should work without javascript enabled. Maybe it […]