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On Mono

So, I’ve been playing around with Mono on a virtual machine for a while now, and want to just put down some thoughts. Note that this won’t be an in-depth review of Mono, but just my initial experiences coming from a MS .net background.

MSI version matching upgrade woes

We’re distributing our .net application using Microsoft’s MSI installer technology (using the very powerful WiX to do it). We’ve recently seen a problem with the installer not upgrading older versions, but rather just installing on top of the existing version, which results in the application being listed twice in the “Add/remove programs” (Programs and Features […]

Empty unit tests

I was reviewing some code, and noticed a couple of unit tests that had “TODO” comments in them (and no code). The problem is that when running these tests, they were passing. Someone reading the list of tests would assume that the test was testing what it claimed to be testing, when in actual fact […]