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Simple version numbers with git

Each .net project has a version number (4 dotted numbers, e.g. While you could leave it like that, it would ideally point back a unique revision in your source control system. Unfortunately, they need to be a number, so you cannot dump the git hash in there and be done. There are some projects […]

XTS-AES implementation: SectorStream

As a by-product of the XtsSharp project, I implemented a SectorStream, which is a stream that reads and writes whole sectors (the size of which is configurable) to enable the XTS algorithm to operate on standard .NET streams. I also implemented another stream based class that provides random access to an underlying SectorStream. This simulates random access […]

XTS-AES implementation in .NET

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, but laziness, procrastination and work have managed to get in the way. DISCLAIMER: I am not a cryptographer, cryptography is something that interests me and the library is a proof of concept; you use it at your own risk. I recently (i.e. a year ago!) […]

On Mono

So, I’ve been playing around with Mono on a virtual machine for a while now, and want to just put down some thoughts. Note that this won’t be an in-depth review of Mono, but just my initial experiences coming from a MS .net background.

MSI version matching upgrade woes

We’re distributing our .net application using Microsoft’s MSI installer technology (using the very powerful WiX to do it). We’ve recently seen a problem with the installer not upgrading older versions, but rather just installing on top of the existing version, which results in the application being listed twice in the “Add/remove programs” (Programs and Features […]